Announcement – 28 February

Join the Open House Meeting. Tomorrow. Ad Block. 2 pm.
we are in a crucial moment in the movement. Three of our students are under arrest, other students are being called for interrogation, and there is even greater media and Parliamentary trial. At such a critical juncture we all need to put our thoughts together and take the movement ahead. We appeal that all of sals and ideas, and participate in this meeting in largest possible numbers, make this collective process of decision making a success.

Albeit, the process of collective decision making involving all concerned participants would be tedious, time taking and perhaps demanding of all our patience. It would demand that we listen to each other, prepare ourselves to go beyond our individual or organizational positions. But engaging with plurality of ideas and thought would uphold JNU’s democratic culture and throw up the best possible ways of proceeding.

The people united shall always be victorious!


Announcement – 27 february

Join public meeting “Demilitarising nationalism: anti-war perspectives on patriotism”, Saturday, 27 Feb at JNU Ad Block

2:30 pm- Cultural performances

3 pm- Admiral Ramdas, Lalita Ramdas, Kumar Sundaram (anti-nuke activist), Dharamveer Gandhi (MP), Col (Retd) Laxmeshwar Mishra.

5 pm- Songs of Faiz by Urban Folk

5:15 pm- Teach-in: “Civil Liberties and Indian nationalism” by Mridula Mukherjee

6:15 pm- Solidarity address by Dipankar Bhattacharya (CPIML Gen Sec)

7 pm- K Ambujalshan (Welfare Party Gen Sec & founding member of Dalit panthers)